We champion the rejuvenating power of loving yourself.

When you visit our family at Gloss The Nail Lounge, we welcome you into our home as if it was your own. Wipe your feet at the door, select your laquer of choice and leave the rest to us.


We have high standards.

We like to think we’re a cut above the rest, but for good reason. Guided by our unshakable values, we pride ourselves in offering the best experience. every time. to every guest.


Sanitization is a Serious Matter.

When you enter our lounge, you’ll notice our brand new state of the art Spa Pedicure Chairs. These top of the line spa loungers are modern and advanced to give our guests the cleanest, safest experience. With 100% disposable liners, you can guarantee your pedicure experience is fresh, with no trace for cross contamination or infection. Your feet are in good hands, at all times.


Your Experience

Your overall experience in our salon is always first priority. From when you enter our home, you should be welcomed like our own. If you don't love every bit about it, our job’s not done.

Superior Hygiene

You’ll never have to worry about cleanliness at Gloss. Our modern, sanitary equipment means no germs are ever invited to this pretty party. Check our tools – we promise.

High Skilled Technicians

We only let the best in the biz lay hands on your toes and fingers. All of our technicians receive ongoing training and education to sharpen their skills and stay on top of the hottest trends.