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Time is of the essence – the essence of beauty that is. Trim away any imperfections and whip those nails into great shape. We’ll treat your hardworking hands to a fresh cleanse and cuticle care, then nourish with a rejuvenating scented lotion. Let your personality shine with your lacquer of choice.


It’s you, running away from negative energy. Wash away any woes with this sweet sugar scrub and the zest of a fresh orange rub. Your nails will begin their journey with trimming, shaping and cuticle care. This manicure will lift your spirits and keep them cozy, with a warm towel wrap and scented lotion. As you know, nothing is complete without a pop of color – top with your choice of lacquer.


Let your mind drift into the clouds as you (sea salt) soak your worries away. Bid farewell to roughness with a callus treatment, smoothing the way for a journey of pure comfort. A fresh cleanse with cuticle care, and nail trimming is just the start, as you’ll float away with a hot stone massage and scented lotion. To let it all sink in, wrap your calves with a warm towel to leave you feeling light as air. Finish with a signature choice of lacquer.

Enter: a state of bliss. Begin this experience with a sea salt soak, nail trim and cleanse. Gentle cuticle care and callus treatment will refresh your stride. Your calves will enjoy an exfoliating scrub and a hot stone massage to relax any tension in your muscles. Complete the experience with lotion, a warm towel and your color of choice. This pedicure is sure to guide you towards your best daze.

Fall into relaxation where every moment is a luxurious escape into tranquility. Begin by melting away stress in a sea salt soak. Our specialized callus treatment ensures rough patches are gently smoothed away leaving your feel soft and rejuvenated. Then, indulge in a scented exfoliating scrub, designed to leave your skin radiant. Experience a scented mud mask wrapping your feet in a cocoon of nourishing ingredients. Let the calming scent lull you into a state of bliss as you enjoy a hot stone massage with scented lotion. Finally, drift away as your feet are enveloped in a cloud like cushion of comfort in a warm towel, completing your journey to relaxation.

Where every step is a delightful journey towards relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy a sea salt soak that begins with nail trimming and shaping, bringing out your natural glow. Say goodbye to rough calluses with our specialized treatment followed by a luxurious scented exfoliating scrub that leaves your skin silky smooth. As you unwind, experience the invigorating sensation of a fresh orange rub, awakening your senses with its citrusy zest. After cuticle care, a callus treatment, a scented exfoliating scrub and mud mask lather, you’ll be walking on sunshine. Then, melt away all tension with a soothing hot stone massage with scented lotion. Wrap up your session with a warm towel, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to step into the world with a brighter outlook.

A cosmic journey awaits. Begin with a soothing sea salt soak, preparing your feet for the heavenly indulgence to follow. After trimming, shaping and cleansing, luxuriate in cuticle care and a callus treatment, restoring your feet to their most ethereal state. Drift away on a cloud of tranquility as a gentle exfoliating scrub unveils your feet’s natural radiance. Experience the transformative power of our milky collagen cream mask, enveloping your feet in celestial moisture, leaving them luminous with a cosmic glow. Next, the earthly pleasures of a mud mask draw out impurities, while the embrace of a paraffin treatment locks in moisture. Finish with hot stone massage and the warmth of a plush towel.

Transcend earthly limits in this pedicure experience. Begin with a cosmic soothing sea salt soak, followed by a jelly soak to moisturize and hydrate, preparing your feet for an experience out of this world. Let us pamper your nails with precision, saying farewell to roughness with targeted callus treatment. Drift into bliss with a scented exfoliating scrub, mud mask and paraffin treatment, that cocoons your feet in a veil of tranquility. Embark through the cosmos with a mesmerizing hot stone massage with scented lotion. Complete the journey with a warm towel and your choice of lacquer as you prepare to pave the way towards ethereal beauty.

*Seasonal fragrances available

Nail Enhancements – Full Set | Fill In

  • Acrylic $40+ | $30+
  • Powder Gel $45+ | $35+
  • Pink & White Acrylic $60+ | $55+
  • Pink Only Fill $40+
  • Ombre Acrylic $60+ | $55+
  • Liquid Gel $55+ | $45+
  • Dipping Powder $47+
  • Pink & White Dipping Powder $55+
  • Ombre Dipping Powder $62+
  • Acrylic Color $55+ | $45+

Little Ones - 10 & Under

*All prices are subject to change without notice. Please call for further details.

Our Mission

At GLOSS, our goal is to offer an elevated salon experience as a vital part of your modern self-care routine. Our salons will always be clean, inviting, and indulgent. You’ll never worry about sub-par service, because only A+ treatments are allowed in here. We go above and beyond the standards you’re used to, creating the ultimate lounge for the relaxation and pampering you deserve.


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4866 Big Island Dr. #3
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Durbin Park
155 Bartram Market Dr. #110
St. Johns, Florida 32259
(904) 679-7779

Mon – Sat: 9:30am– 7:30pm
Sun: 11:00am – 6:00pm

Lounge 210
155 Fountains Way #10
St. Johns, Florida 32259
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Mon – Fri: 9:30am– 7:30pm
Sat: 9:30am– 7:00pm
Sun: 11:00am – 5:30pm

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